About us

About the company.


Established in 2018, Brainbox is a cloud-based platform set out to pioneer online education in Egypt by

providing private, supplementary high school courses for the IGCSE, IB, American, and National

education systems. Our classes are powered by advanced technology and mentored by a team of highly-

specialized educators with years of teaching expertise in their designated fields.

We provide an integrated learning environment where students and parents are able to find and

connect and collaborate with tutors, attend classes, and track progress. Brainbox applies a modern

approach to education through a dynamic platform that delivers measurable results through unique

teaching methods that focus on retention, practical applications, and monitored practice sessions.

We are on a mission to foster the minds of our students in order to promote independent thought and

empower them to achieve their full potential. Through facilitating a comfortable, nurturing learning

environment, Brainbox assures that each student receives a comprehensive and personalized

experience delivered in a manner that challenges their strengths and counterpoises their weaknesses.

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